Fan-tastic Lashes by Sabrina

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Free lashes for the Bride

We will make your special moments “eye-catching”™

Here is how it works:

When 3 or more friends/Bridesmaids get a full set of classic/hybrid/volume eyelash extension at our special bridal discounts @ $99 for classics, $149 for Hybrid. or $189 for Russian Volume/per set, WE will give the Bride a beautiful full set for FREE! The style of the set will be depending on her features, lash count, and lash health. 

It is your gift to the bride - and what a special gift for that special day!

She will be forever thankful; this is a lasting gift and will be remembered for years to come in their collection of wedding pictures.

Take part in creating her memories.

Lash Retention in the Summer and Fall months

SUMMER LASH SHED: As the weather heats up you may find that during hot spells your lashes do not last as long. Some clients it may not affect, but those of you that may suffer a little in the heat, work in hot environments or be prone to sweating, may find that this will affect them. As the body attempts to cool itself and we sweat we release oils, and we know that oil breaks down the adhesives, as such your lashes are going to be under attack, so to assist it is recommended that you stay cool where possible and use blotting paper over and around the eye area or use a dab of primer on your eyelids which can also assist to absorb excess oil.We now may also suffer from high humidity, sometimes this can be seen as a haze in the atmosphere. Humidity is moisture and this mixes with the everyday pollutants in our environment and as such this too can break down the adhesive on our lashes causing poor retention. It may be that if you wish to keep your lashes looking fuller during this hot spell then your top ups may need to be moved forward just during this time, otherwise, it will be a case of us riding out the storm until all settles back down again. Thank you for your understanding and hope this explains a few things.

FALL LASH SHED: It is that time of year again ladies - The autumn lash shed is coming and yes it does exist. At this time of the year, you will notice your retention will suffer and the lashes will start to thin out. Why does it happen? In a nut shell (and having researched this) we have hair to protect us from the sun, so in the autumn and coinciding with the equinox we no longer need as much hair so we start to shed it. Don't believe me then take a look at the plug hole in your shower at this time of the year and then you will know!!! In order for our bodies to produce hair it must pump blood to those cells, but in the winter when our immunity is lower due to lack of vitamin D our bodies will divert blood to our major organs instead of our hair which we no longer really need.
Therefore get ready for it, poor retention and thinning lashes So sooner Infills and lighten up the weight of the lashes until it all settles down.

Planning for your special day and what to consider

When planning for your special event, please ensure that you book your eyelash extensions ahead of time.

Especially for your wedding, I recommend having your eyelash extension at least 4-6 weeks prior to the event.

We do this for several reason. Firstly, it allows for at least 2 infill's, which will ensure a perfectly uniform and full look. Secondly, any visual corrections can me made if needed, and/or additions such as colored or glitter eyelash extensions if desired can be added for your special day. Last but not least, you do not want be the 1 in 500 who could develop an allergic reaction 1-2 days before your wedding day.