Fan-tastic Lashes by Sabrina

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Eyelash Extensions are an Artform 

by Sabrina Lane


Eyelash extensions started in Asia and made their way West. Not to be confused with the self-stick falsies, clusters or premade fans, which you can purchase in pharmacies, dollar stores etc., these semi-permanent, synthetic extensions are bonded by a certified and trained lash therapist. For the classic version, we bond one extension to one of your natural lashes, for the Russian Volume style, you receive a very different look, as this requires additional training, to create the little fans, handcrafted at your visit, to fit each lash! This can only be done correctly and safely when you have adequate training. We use specialty tweezers and medical grade adhesive to apply the extensions. They give your eyes an instant lift without any needles or injections, allowing you to wake up with the look of mascara without the smudging.  The Art

of applying lashes is far more than just gluing extensions on somebody's natural eyelashes and send them out the door. Our goal is to hide features such as droopy eyes, wide eyes, closed eyes, round eyes etc. by using different thickness, length and curled eyelash extensions to "correct" these undesirable features. That is the goal of a well-trained and certified lash stylist and that is what you are paying for. We take into consideration your entire face, including your eyes and eye settings, as well as your ethnicity/race. Everybody has different features and our job is to enhance all of your beautiful features while “hiding” those that are less desirable.

My Training

I am honored and blessed that my training came from some of the worlds best lash artists working their magic today all over the globe! I received my Classic training by Tommy Toro from Germany, using Adessa lashes and glue. After mastering the classic application, I knew something was missing. I wanted to be able to lash clients with lesser, softer and "weaker" or damaged lashes but I was not able to offer that with the classic style lash technique. The natural lashes of older women would not be able to sustain the weight of a classic lash, I also was not able to give density with classics and all those little discoveries sparked my curiosity and I began my research. It took me about 12 months to find what I was looking for - her name, Frankie Widdows, located in the UK. I didn't know it back then, but her training would change my career forever! I was Russian Volume trained by Eyelash Excellence and today I can proudly say that I am the only lash therapist in the Midwest who is trained in the Russian volume application by a world-class trainer.

What does the client expect?

We most often hear "I want much longer and much fuller lashes" and that is of course what we strive for, but we can only place extensions on healthy existing lashes. This means, when you have thin or very few lashes, we are limited to how much extensions we can place on the existing lashes without damaging your natural lash. A well-trained lash stylist can use advanced lashing techniques, such as stacking, capping, feathering, bridging or volume to make your lashes appear thicker, fuller, or fluffier without damaging your natural lashes. We are not in business to ruin your natural lashes, the contrary - we are in business to enhance your eyes by allowing your natural lashes to stay or become healthy, grow and be strong to support the amazing extensions we apply to enhance your beautiful eyes and facial features.

What type of eyelash extensions does Your Secret offer?

We offer silk (synthetic) eyelash extensions and do not use or promote any type of animal hair, for two reasons. First, due to the way, they are harvested, and secondly, the much higher risk of allergic reactions. Our choice doesn't have to be harvested nor do clients have allergic reactions to them. We only use the highest quality silk eyelash extensions in different strength, length and curl to accommodate a wide variety of clients and to give you that natural look you desire.

Thickness, length, and curl?

Eyelash extension come in different lengths, thickness, and curls in order to find a good fit for each individual client. Just as our natural lashes differ, so do extensions. We use these variations to our advantage to enhance your natural beauty; we mix different curls and/or strength to do so. That is what a good stylist is trained to do and that is what you deserve!

Length varies from 3mm to 20mm, thickness varies from 0.03 to 0.15 (anything heavier than 0.15 is not safe), and right now we have 8 different curls on the market to work with ( J, B, C, CC, D, L, L+, and U). The lash stylist selects the correct weight, length, and curls for each client in order to enhance those beautiful features and to correct those less desirable ones. It is absolutely vital to consider all the options available to avoid damage to your natural lashes and only somebody who is properly trained can do that.

Eyelash Extension Allergy

Allergies can happen to anyone and although the odds are 1 in 500, we would like for you to be educated on the subject. We do our best to avoid any reaction and with newly developed glues, we can now cleanse the lashes immediately after the application to reduce fumes and the chances for a reaction. You should know the Do's and Do not's in the event you do experience an allergic reaction to the medical grade adhesive/fumes, or adhesives left over from tape. If you have had contact with any adhesives, an allergy can occur within the first few minutes or a reaction can be almost 24 hours delayed. In the event you are allergic, it is to the main ingredients formaldehyde and/or cyanoacrylate

MEDICATION: Medications such as Benadryl or Claritin are both some examples of medications that can be purchased over the counter. These medications can help relieve itchiness, redness, and the allergy that is affecting the body. For dosage, follow the directions of the medication as prescribed or directed.  (Depending on each person, please ask your doctor before taking, if you are a candidate for such medications or other alternatives.) This will help relieve the patient or client much faster than just topical remedies. This is only to allow your eyes to recover - you must visit your lash therapist for removal! 
REMOVING THE ADHESIVE AND EXTENSIONS: Whatever you do, do not yank, pull, or scrape off the lashes. Even if you get the lashes off, you may have damaged or may have pulled out natural lashes and damaged your eye in the process. And there is no guarantee that there is no residue from the adhesive left on your lashes. You are not reacting to the lashes but the ADHESIVE!!!  Call us and schedule a removal appointment. This way, when you come in, we can get all of the adhesives and lash extensions off safely and you are ensured it is done professionally.

If in doubt, lets test! We offer a FREE Patch Test's to all our clients before their eyelash extension appointment. Please find details in our "New Client Intake Form".

Stay away from Heat sources

We do it daily without even thinking but when you have eyelash extensions, you will have to watch out for a few extra things and just be a little more careful.

Do not stick your head in the oven when you check on your roast, be careful when you dry your hair, especially the front/bangs, be careful with BBQ's, Campfires and Fire pits and lighting your cigarettes. These are just some of the things we have seen in the Salon and we wanted to make sure we give you a heads up :) 

Lash Retention in the Summer and Fall months

SUMMER LASH SHED: As the weather heats up you may find that during hot spells your lashes do not last as long. Some clients it may not affect, but those of you that may suffer a little in the heat, work in hot environments or be prone to sweating, may find that this will affect them. As the body attempts to cool itself and we sweat we release oils, and we know that oil breaks down the adhesives, as such your lashes are going to be under attack, so to assist it is recommended that you stay cool where possible and use blotting paper over and around the eye area or use a dab of primer on your eyelids which can also assist to absorb excess oil.We now may also suffer from high humidity, sometimes this can be seen as a haze in the atmosphere. Humidity is moisture and this mixes with the everyday pollutants in our environment and as such this too can break down the adhesive on our lashes causing poor retention. It may be that if you wish to keep your lashes looking fuller during this hot spell then your top-ups may need to be moved forward just during this time, otherwise, it will be a case of us riding out the storm until all settles back down again. Thank you for your understanding and hope this explains a few things.

FALL LASH SHED: It is that time of year again ladies - The autumn lash shed is coming and yes it does exist. At this time of the year, you will notice your retention will suffer and the lashes will start to thin out. Why does it happen? In a nutshell (and having researched this) we have hair to protect us from the sun, so in the autumn and coinciding with the equinox we no longer need as much hair so we start to shed it. Don't believe me then take a look at the plug hole in your shower at this time of the year and then you will know!!! In order for our bodies to produce hair it must pump blood to those cells, but in the winter when our immunity is lower due to lack of vitamin D our bodies will divert blood to our major organs instead of our hair which we no longer really need.
Therefore get ready for it, poor retention and thinning lashes So sooner Infills and lighten up the weight of the lashes until it all settles down.