Fan-tastic Lashes by Sabrina

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How does the procedure feel?

 The procedure takes place in a relaxed, quiet environment and is completely pain free. Almost all  clients fall a sleep during the procedure and wake up to a beautiful new look :)

Fan-tastic Lashes by Sabrina 

Eyelash extensions are a powerful way to enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence. It will enhance your beauty by giving you a balanced and youth look; styling options and the use of different length, curl, and weight, as well as different application techniques, allow us to hide those less favorable features, such as a droop, a lazy eye,  etc. and help you achieve a beautiful and natural look. “Lashes need to be as individual as we each are. And often the best lashes don’t even look like eyelash extensions. For when lash experts get it right you don’t always know they’ve done the work. You may if they’ve done a set of eye-catching fashion lashes or deliberately given a client a very different look for a specific occasion. But mostly when lash experts work their true magic – clients don’t look like they’re wearing eyelash extensions – they just look the best they’ve ever looked.
And that’s what we want – clients looking their best and feeling good doing so”. by Frankie Widdows  
Treat yourself to a luxurious experience; you deserve it!


Our latest rehabilitation: From having hardly any lashes to a beautiful full volume set. Contact us for details!  

Cleaning your Lashes

 1 part baby shampoo

4 parts distilled water

Place in a foamer bottle and use daily with a small, soft eye make-up brush to clean your lashes for longer retention. Rinse with water.

How long will they last?

 Depending on your natural shed cycle, eyelash extension will last anywhere from 3-5 weeks. For a full look, infills are required every 14 days. Proper care and use of oil-free make-up removers help retention.

Winter Special

                (New clients only)

December 21, 2018 - March 19, 2019


ONLY $99 (reg. $125)


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We will make every moment “eye-catching”™